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Call for Applicants to hurry up before the deadline

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) wishes to announce that the online application system is going on for the 2020/2021 placement to universities and colleges on since 17, 2020 and will close on March 9, 2020 at 5.00pm.

All the 2019 KCSE candidates who applied through their schools are invited to revise their choices for Degree, Diploma, Craft Certificate and Artisan courses to align them with their performance and any change in their career interests. Those who did not complete the application process in school should also use the opportunity to apply. Please note:

  1. All the 2019 KCSE candidates who attained a mean grade of C+ and above are eligible to apply for Degree and TVET courses.
  2. Candidates who scored C and C – (minus) are eligible for placement to Diploma and Certificate Courses in tertiary TVET institutions under the Government sponsorship programme, those who scored D (plain) and D+ (plus) are eligible for placement in Craft Certificate Courses in TVET institutions; and the others with D– (minus) and E are eligible for selection to Artisan Courses.

Selection to university degree courses will cater for the eligible 2019 KCSE candidates while placement to Diploma and Certificate courses will also take care of other previous years up to 2000.

Application Guidelines

All applications must be submitted online through the KUCCPS Students Portal, All applicants are advised to observe the application deadline as late applications will not be accepted.

More information including application guidelines, institutions, available programmes, minimum subject requirements, previous cut-off points and applicants’ cluster points are available on the Placement Service Student’s Portal

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Things you need to know about CBC

Why we need the new curriculum

The CBC is designed to connect with Vision 2030 to help our economy grow and our society flourish. From an economic perspective, CBC aims to fix the disconnect between the world of school and the world of work. We need more creative workers, able to think for themselves, with 21st century skills to make Kenya compete on the global stage.

From a social perspective, KICD aims to support every child to become an “engaged, empowered and ethical citizen.”

What does this mean for our schools? It means a shift of focus from teaching-for-exams to the continuous development of every learner; from lecturing students, to hands-on learning; and from memorizing facts to understanding and learning in groups.

Does the curriculum affect my child

The new curriculum is being rolled out one year at a time. The first CBC cohort piloted in 2017, and they will complete Grade 12 (currently Form 4) in 2028. If your child is already in Class 5 in 2020, they will be the last cohort to use 8-4-4, taking Form 4 in 2027.

Differences between 8.4.4 and CBC

The first difference is a change of emphasis from the tradition of chalk-and-talk teaching, to focusing on the student, by learning in groups and not just memorizing facts, but developing competencies, and understanding core values and important issues.

The second difference is that school is being restructured from 8-4-4 to 2-6-3-3-3. All students take 2 years of Pre-primary, then 6 years of Primary, and then 3 years of Junior School. If you pass the Grade 9 exams at 15 at the end of Junior School, you can then go on to take 3 years of Senior School. University under CBC will be just 3 years instead of 4.

The Core Competencies of CBC

There are 7 Core Competencies that are intended to help individuals fulfil their potential both in school and in life.

They are: Communication and Collaboration (working together), Self-efficacy, (having the confidence to do difficult things), Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (using logic, evidence, and seeing different perspectives), Creativity and Imagination (coming up with ideas and turning them into real creations), Citizenship (understanding the rights, privileges and duties of every citizen), Digital Literacy, (using devices to access and create information) and Learning to Learn (being curious to learn every day).

When do students take Exams in CBC

The current KCPE exams for Class 8 will be replaced by a Grade 9 exams under CBC. The last KCPE Exams will be sat in 2023 by Class 8. Under CBC, all students will progress from 6 years of Primary School to 3 years of Junior School. They will then take national exams at the end of Junior School, in Grade 9.

The last KCSE will be sat in 2027, and this will be replaced by Grade 12 exams in 2028.