Average weather conditions of a given place over a long period of time usually 30-35 years. Factors Influencing Climate Latitude It influences temperature whereby low latitudes have high temperature and high latitudes have low temperature due to the angle at… Read More


A photograph is an image of an object, person or scene recorded by a camera on a light sensitive film or paper. Types of Photographs  1. Ground Photographs -Taken from the ground. They are of 2 types: Ground Horizontals- taken… Read More


Map – representation of the whole or part of the earth’s surface drawn to scale. Shows outline of objects on the ground Drawn as if the drawer was above the ground It shows details Most of the features are indicated… Read More


Process in which solid, liquid or gaseous materials are forced out of the interior of the earth into the earth’s crust or onto the earth’s surface. These materials are magma, lava, gases, dust, ash and cinder. Causes of Vulcanicity Magma… Read More


Faulting is the cracking/fracturing of the brittle crustal rocks due to tectonic forces. Faults are fractures or cracks that develop in the crust. When tensional forces cause crustal rocks to stretch and fracture at the region of maximum tension. When… Read More


Process in which crustal rocks are distorted by compressional forces by being caused to bend upwards and downwards. It occurs on fairly young sedimentary rocks. Anticlines (upfolds)-parts of the earths surface which bend upwards when folding occurs. Synclines (down folds)-Parts… Read More