Processes operating on the exterior of the earth resulting in the formation of natural physical features. These are: weathering mass wasting erosion transportation deposition Weathering Mechanical breakdown or chemical decay of rocks “in situ” (without movement) Agents of weathering -Things… Read More


Description of Relief Describe the general appearance of the entire area e.g. hilly, mountainous, plain, undulating landscape, has many hills, isolated hills, etc. State the highest and lowest parts of the area. Look out for valleys which are occupied by… Read More


Set cumulative totals for the data each year Draw vertical axis(Y) to represent dependent variable Draw horizontal axis(x) to represent independent variable Label both axis using suitable scale Plot the cumulative values for each year Use values for components to… Read More


Forestry is the science of developing and managing forests including cultivating them. Type of Forests Natural forests-which grow by natural means of seed dispersal. Semi-natural/derived/cultivated forests-which is in the process of recovering from interference by man. Planted/cultivated forests-which have been… Read More


Plant cover on the earths surface. Types of Vegetation 1. Natural Vegetation Which grows by natural means of seed dispersal without interference and modification by man. 2. Semi- Natural/Derived Vegetation Natural vegetation which is in the process of recovering from… Read More