Development of towns. Process in which a population is transformed from a rural based agricultural lifestyle to an urban based non-agricultural lifestyle Main categories of Urban Centres Capital towns-towns which are the main seat of the government or administrative centres… Read More


Population-total number of people occupying a given area. Population distribution-the way people are spread out on the land. Population density-number of persons per unit area= number of people in a given area/total area of the place=XP/km2. Demography-study of statistical data… Read More


Buying and selling or exchange of goods and services. Types of Trade 1. Domestic/Internal/Home/Local trade Buying and selling of goods within a country’s borders. It’s classified into: Wholesale Trade-purchasing of goods in bulk from producers and selling them to retailers.… Read More


Transport is the act of moving items and people from one place to another while communication is the process of transferring information between individuals, groups and places. Factors influencing Transport and Communication Existence of sets of corresponding places with surplus… Read More


Industry -any form of economic activity through which people produce goods and services for their consumption. Industrialisation -process through which a country establishes manufacturing industries. A country is referred to as industrialised when production of manufactured goods is the main… Read More


The power required to carry out an activity e.g. diesel, electricity, etc. Sources of Energy Classified into 2 types: renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Renewable Sources of Energy -Which can be regenerated and used over and over again. Types… Read More


Plants (flora) and animals (fauna) in their natural habitats. Factors that Influence Distribution of Wildlife in E. Africa Climate Heavy rainfall results in big forests which favour animals such as elephants and buffaloes e.g. Mt. Kenya forest. Arid and semi-arid… Read More


The act of catching fish and other aquatic animals. Fisheries are fishing grounds or areas where water resources such as fish, seals, clubs, whales, etc. are exploited. Factors Influencing Fishing Physical Factors Presence of Plankton Large shoals of fish are… Read More


Land reclamation is the process of converting wasteland into farm land for growing of crops and keeping of animals while land rehabilitation is the process of restoring land to its former productive state. Importance Intensify food production to feed the… Read More