Introductions The body has a two –part Immune system which workers together to protect it from harmful micro organism such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, it is divided in to two: Innate Immunity This is the front-line defense which… Read More


Community nutrition Definition Community nutrition is the process of helping individuals and groups develop healthy eating habits in order to promote wellness and prevent disease. Purpose Americans increasingly eat a diet that is high in saturated fat and refined sugars… Read More


Community health is a major field of study within the medical and clinical sciences which focuses on the maintenance, protection and improvement of the health status of population groups and communities as opposed to the health of individual patients. It… Read More


A committee is an individual or a group, appointed by an agency, authority or larger assembly, to whom a matter is referred or is committed for attention, investigation, analysis or resolution. Purposes of committees Types of committees Standing committees. Are… Read More