1. This paper has TWO sections A and B
2. Attempt questions in each section as per instructions given in the section.
3. You are provided with a separate answer booklet.
4. Answer all questions in the answer booklet.
5. Marks for each question are indicated in the brackets.
6. Do not write on the question paper.

This paper consists of THREE (3) printed pages.

Candidates should check and ascertain that all pages are printed as indicated and that no questions are missing.


Answer all questions in this section.

1. Encouraging group participation is essential for effective teamwork and collaboration. State FOUR strategies that can help in fostering and promoting active group participation. (4 Marks)

2. Identify FOUR advantages of establishing communication pathways. (4 Marks)

3. Engaging your audience and maintaining their interest during a presentation is essential for effective communication. Highlight FOUR techniques to achieve this, whether it’s an internal team or external stakeholders. (4 Marks)

4. Identify FOUR importance of measuring the outcomes and impact of communication strategies. (4 Marks)

5. Outline FOUR negative effects of grapevine communication network within a workplace. (4 Marks)

6. When questioning a client, it is important to know which questions to ask for right information generation. Highlight FOUR types of questions you would ask. (4 Marks)

7. Each organization is required to hold meetings annual as part of organizational policies, in your own knowledge, what are FOUR advantages of holding a meeting in an organization. (4 Marks)

8. Developing rapport during an interview is crucial to establish a positive connection with the interviewer and increase your chances of success. State FOUR ways to build rapport during interview. (4 Marks)

9. When choosing media for communication, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure that your message reaches the intended audience effectively. Identify FOUR considerations you will consider. (4 Marks)

10. Identify FOUR appropriate ways that enhance a good group interaction. (4 Marks)


Answer any THREE questions in this section

11. Respecting individual differences in an organization is crucial for creating an inclusive and diverse workplace where each employee feels valued and can contribute their best.

a) Discuss FIVE techniques to use in order to ensure that individual differences are respected in organizational communication. (10 Marks)

b) Discuss FIVE barriers to communication in an organization. (10 Marks)

12. You work as a customer service representative for a a laundry company. One of your clients has called to make an enquiry from the company.

a) Describe FIVE key steps you would take to handle this client inquiry effectively over the phone. (10 Marks)

b) Explain five factors to ways to apply when handling client inquiries over the phone for effective communication. (10 Marks)

13. Evaluating a group communication strategy involves a systematic assessment of the strategy’s effectiveness and its impact on achieving the group’s goals.

a) Demonstrate FIVE ways on how you can use your skills to evaluate a group communication strategy. (10 Marks)

b) Explain FIVE stages of group formation. (10 Marks)

14. You have been tasked to give a speech in your graduation ceremony on behalf of your graduating class.

a) Explain FOUR characteristics of a good speech. (8 Marks)

b) Identify FOUR objectives of effective communication that you should have in mind that will help enhance your speech delivery. (4 Marks)

c) Discuss FOUR nonverbal communication skills that you will use to enhance delivery of the speech. (8 Marks)

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