So if you are yet to choose a college in Kenya, make sure you compare their track records and know what recruiters think of graduates from certain institutions. If the institution has a bad reputation, it may be difficult to acquire a job after graduating.

What to Consider when Choosing Colleges in Kenya

Check The College Statistics

Some Kenyan colleges will actually publish statistics on their employment rate for prospective students to see. You can get this information from the institution or simply by visiting their website. They may not give an employment rate for each programme, but an overall figure will also do.

If you can be able to check the proportion of graduates from a particular school that is in full employment, then this information should help you to make a wise decision on where to study.

College Reputation

Sometimes you may not get any figures on employability rates of Colleges in Kenya. But there’s always the reputation that an institution is well known for. Surprisingly, some of the opinions people have, regarding students of certain colleges in the region, will find their way into the recruiter’s offices.

During your job search, you are likely to come across recruiters with a certain opinion of a candidate even before they present their academic and personal qualifications that make them fit for a job. This is why it’s very important to do your own social research about a college before making an application.

If you attend an institution that is known to produce sharp students in a certain field of study, your employability will certainly increase. So be very keen and listen to other people’s opinion prior to submitting your application.

Public Colleges in Kenya

Public colleges in Kenya are tertiary institutions of learning that are funded by the government of Kenya. Public colleges in Kenya offer certificate, diploma, higher diploma and in some instances, degree courses.

The courses range in the time frame from short courses of 1 week to 3 and 4 yr programmes. Some of the Public colleges in Kenya have different campuses and are large enough to be divided into different schools while others are specialty colleges offering only a particular course or field.

Top Best Colleges In Kenya.

Utalii College

Utailii College is best known for producing the best hotel managers as well as tour guides. If you want to pursue a diploma or certificate course in hospitality, this is the college to join.

Kenya Institute of Management

Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) is the center of Excellency. This is one of the few colleges which train individuals business courses, monitoring and evaluation courses, and leadership courses. You can also pursue KASNEB courses here.

Technical University of Kenya

If you want the best training for engineering and GIS courses, Technical University of Kenya is the place to Be. This College ever since has produced top cream in areas to do with engineering and remote sensing.

With a C-, you will be allowed to pursue a trending course at TUK.

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC)

If you love journalism and media studies, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) is the college you should think of first. You will be surprised that most journalists in the country went through this college.

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies offers competitive diploma and certificate courses, mostly business related. Even if you scored a D in KCSE, you won’t miss a good course at this college.

Kenya School of Monetary Studies

If you are serious you want to join top banks, including Central Bank of Kenya, you should join Kenya School of Monetary Studies. Imagine with a C plain you can be allowed to pursue a marketable business related course.

Teachers Training Colleges

If you want to become a P1 teacher, simply join a government teachers’ training college.

Teaching is ideal for people who scored C- and below.

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC)

Kenya Medical Training College is good for people who want to be nurses, doctors, and health-related careers.KMTC is the best in East and Central Africa when it comes to training nurses.

KASNEB courses

If you are not prepared to join colleges, you can register for KASNEB courses, which include CIFA, CFP, CS, ATD, ATC, and CICT. These courses are more marketable than most diploma courses.

Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA)

You can also join the Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA), which was incorporated by KRA. At this school, you are required to pursue certificates and diploma courses related to taxation. These courses are important for people who want to work at KRA or audit firms.

East African School of Aviation

East African School of Aviation is the best for training cabin crew/air hostess and pilots. This is the best college to join if you intend to pursue aviation related courses.

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