This module unit is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to perform supplies and transport activities in an organization

General Objectives

By the end of the module unit the trainees should be able to:

  1. Explain basic supply and transport principles in an organization
  2. Apply appropriate modes of transport in business management
  3. Discuss the role played by supply and transport in an organization.
  4. Describe the activities performed in supplies and transport department in an organization

Module Unit Summary and Time Allocation

Code Sub-Module Units Content Time (Hours)
15.2.01 Supply Department ·       Meaning of supply

·       Objectives of supply department

·       Organization of supply department

·       Functional relationship between supply department and other departments


15.2.02 Purchasing Function ·       Definition of purchasing

·       Functions of purchasing department

·       Origin of the need to purchase

·       Purchasing process

·       Sources of supply

·       Factors considered in supplier evaluation


15.2.03 Stock Control ·       Meaning of stock control

·       Reasons for holding stock

·       Stock control methods

·       Factors considered in stock control

15.2.04 Warehousing ·       Meaning of warehousing

·       Importance of the warehousing in an organization

·       Types of warehouses

·       Setting up of storehouses and stockyards

15.2.05 Receiving, Inspection and Issuing goods ·       Meaning of receiving inspection and issuing of goods

·       Order picking

·       Documents used in receipt inspection and issuing of goods to customers

·       Methods used in the process of inspection of goods

·       Process of receiving, inspecting and issuing goods

15.2.05 Storage and preservation of materials ·       Meaning of the terms storage stock location and preservation  in a warehousing operations

·       Factors in selecting storage methods to use

·       Storage methods for materials

·       Factors considered in selecting stock location

·       Stock location methods

·       Importance of preserving  materials

·       Methods used to preserve materials

·       Factors to be considered in the process of preserving materials

15.2.06 Security and Safety in the Warehouse ·       Security measures

·       Safety measures

15.2.06 Store layout ·       Meaning of the term store layout

·       Objectives of store layout

·       Factors considered in designing a store layout

·       Types of store layout

15.2.07 Materials Identification ·       Meaning of the terms classification and coding

·       Basis of classification and coding of materials

·       Factors that should be considered in classification and coding of materials

·       Features of an efficient coding system

·       Methods of coding materials

15.2.08 Introduction to Transport ·       Meaning of transport

·       Importance of transport

·       Functions of transport

·       Essentials of an efficient transport system

15.2.09 Physical Distribution ·       Meaning of physical distribution

·       Components of physical distribution

·       Factors to consider when choosing transportation modes

15.2.10 Organization of Transport ·       Organization of transport activities

·       Distinction between carriers and non-carriers

·       Internal organization of transport department


15.2.11 Control of Transport Industry ·       Purpose of control of transport industry

·       International agreement on control of transport industry

·       International agreements on control of the transport industry

·       Professional bodies involved in control of transport industry

·       Government legislation in relation to the control of transport industry

15.2.12 Emerging Trends and Issues in Supplies and Transport Management ·       Emerging trends and issues

·       Challenges posed by emerging trends and issues

·       Ways of coping with the emerging trends and issues in supplies and transport management




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